The Bachelor 2014: What Is Sharleen Joynt’s Ethnicity?
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor 2014: What Is Sharleen Joynt’s Ethnicity?

Juan Pablo Galavis's Season 18 is going out with a bang (oops, Fantasy Suites joke!) and there is only Women Tell All and the Season 18 Finale left. But if you're a fan of Sharleen Joynt, you probably only care about the first one of those, since she eliminated herself back in Miami on Episode 7, and has just been hanging out with her fellow contestants since then, making us jealous we're not besties.

But while we still have a lot of questions we wish we could ask Juan Pablo on tonight's episode, when El Bachelor takes the hot seat, there's one question you might be wondering that we can answer. Namely, why is Ms. Sharleen Joynt so freaking gorgeous and captivating. If you said "mundo," well, bless you, child. But if you admired her high cheekbones, enviable brows, and glowing beauty, you wouldn't be alone in trying to guess what genetic gifts blessed her into showing off her beauty with zero apparent effort.

Naturally, we’re not the only ones wondering, and Bachelor bloggers Ok! Here is the Situation asked her on Twitter back in the fall about her parents’ backgrounds and how she came to look so unique. Sharleen was happy to answer, explaining “Mom is Chinese and dad's a mix of Irish, French, English, Aboriginal. In short, I'm a mutt. :).”

Perhaps it’s this diverse ancestry that has made her such a woman of the world. The Canadian born, United States (and Canada) educated opera singer has lived and performed in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, and probably way more places. Last we heard, she was making her home in Heidelberg, Germany, though based on her tweets, it looks like she also counts Edinburgh, Ottawa, London, Paris, and New York as homes. As people of the world do.

Great. Beautiful, talented, well-traveled, and with an interesting ancestry... Just add those to the reasons we're still dying to be on her speed dial.

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