Does Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Actually Know What He’s Looking For?
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The Bachelor

Does Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Actually Know What He’s Looking For?

On paper, Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is looking for a stepmom for Camila who also wants more kids; he wants someone who can roll with the punches and have fun in any situation, but also be a mature woman and good role model. Oh, and she should love to dance.

Fair enough on all fronts, but is Juan Pablo actually following his own list or ripping it up in the heat of the moment?

For example, he seems to be moving really slowly with Renee Oteri, which may genuinely be out of respect for her as a single mom, but it seems like he’s just not quite as passionate about her as many of the other women. “She's a normal woman, a mom; she has perspective,” Chris Harrison told TV Guide of Renee. “But at the end of the day that's what Juan Pablo says he wants, but is that something Juan Pablo really wants?”

Good question, Rosemaster! There’s a basic problem in what he says, versus what he does with three of his main gals:

Look at Sharleen Joynt two episodes ago in South Korea. She wasn’t exactly enthusiastic to have kids, or even to be a stepmom, which you’d think would be a huge red flag dealbreaker for Juan Papa. But maybe her words got lost in translation ‘cause JPG keeps on kissing her and saying she’s one of his faves.

And JPG continues to talk about setting a good example for his daughter Camila, but he keeps ignoring his own rules — especially when it comes to Clare Crawley. In Korea, he confused his own rules by kissing Clare on the group date, and in Vietnam he seemed to blame her for his own lack of restraint in that ocean “swim.”

He’s definitely into pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell the nurse, but even that connection leaves us with some question marks. She was open about not only not being able to dance, but also really just not liking to dance — and finding a fellow dance lover was supposedly one of JPG’s dealbreakers.

Of course we don’t expect Juan Pablo to ignore natural chemistry, but it’s a little worrisome that JPG seems to be bypassing some of his practical big picture must-haves in favor of attraction. What happens when the show ends and he has to make a life with his Chosen One? What if it turns out they don’t have that much in common beyond chemistry?

Do you have a handle on what Juan Pablo wants and how he’s going about his decision-making? Will he find The One in the end, and make it last in the real world?

Source: TV Guide