What Not to Wear’s Clinton Kelly Reveals 4 Style Swaps That Will Save Your Closet — Exclusive
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What Not to Wear’s Clinton Kelly Reveals 4 Style Swaps That Will Save Your Closet — Exclusive

There’s a difference between style and fashion, which means there’s also a huge gap between what’s realistic and what’s totally unattainable for women and their busy lifestyles.

Clinton Kelly has a master’s in style after 10 years on TLC’s What Not to Wear (and now on ABC daytime talk show The Chew), and after a decade of witnessing painful fashion misses, he has narrowed the biggest mistakes most moms make to four pieces that he knows are taking up valuable space in your closet right now.

The four “danger pieces,” Clinton says, are hoodies, T-shirts, elastic waist pants, and tennis shoes.

“If you live in hoodies, that’s a problem,” Clinton says. “There are a ton of casual knit jackets that move with you, are comfortable, and will make you look well put together.”

T-shirts may seem like an easy grocery run solution, but Clinton says that if you want to wear one, be sure to layer it with something else, like that knit jacket he was talking about. “If you hold up a T-shirt, it’s a square with arm holes. I have yet to find a woman who looks like a T-shirt.”

Layering that comfy tee under a well-structured jacket will pull in and accentuate your waist, a very feminine commodity. As women, we should embrace our curves! Make sure they’re front and center with this quick fix.

If it’s too warm for a jacket or you’re uncomfortable with layering, go for a simple blouse. A blouse doesn’t have to mean a high-neck Victorian choker, but it should be a flowing fabric with some detail. Go for a simple pattern, stud embellishments, or some faux leather details, but whatever you do, have fun with it!

For the lower half, Clinton says ditch the elastic waist pants. “You need just a great pair of dark wash jeans,” he stresses. There’s no need to stock up on ten pairs of denim, but a couple pairs of quality jeans can provide an instant butt lift, the illusion of thinner thighs, and longer gams as soon as they’re buttoned into place.

Lastly, toss the tennis sneakers. Sneakers are for exercising, so unless you’re hitting up the gym, toss the trainers and go for boots, sandals, or flats. In fact, these pieces are even quicker to put on that lacing up a pair of sneakers and they can instantly save a failing outfit — if all of the other pieces are in place.

Since What Not to Wear began back in 2003, Clinton has been a major support for women across the U.S. who have fallen into that post-high school style slump or the dreaded “mommy doesn’t care anymore” rut.

While the show comes to an end in just two weeks — the two-hour series finale airs Friday, October 18, 2013 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC — Clinton will continue to guide us on the journey of looking our best, even when we’re just running to Costco for another bulk pack of diapers.

“I’m excited to help a woman create a style for herself,” Clinton says, stressing strongly that fashion is about the clothes, whereas style is about the person wearing them. “Get out there and find the trends that make you the happiest, not what the fashion editor thinks you should be wearing.”

Do you agree with Clinton’s style tips? Will you try some out? Sound off below!

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