What Was Up With JWOWW’s Hand Injury on Season 4, Episode 9?
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What Was Up With JWOWW’s Hand Injury on Season 4, Episode 9?

Last night on Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 9 “Three Men and a Snooki,” fans were treated to the troubling sight of everyone’s favorite guidette, JWOWW, with a huge bandage along her hand and wrist.

Now, if you bust out your Jersey Shore history books, you may remember that Jenni was photographed going to the ER in Florence with Snooki and emerging with a mysterious bandage over her hand. While we expected to find out what happened to poor Jenni now that Season 4 is in full swing, the show completely ignored her injury and no one made even a passing comment about it during last night’s episode. What the heck happened, Jenni?

The bandage makes an unannounced appearance when the cast decides to recreate booze-soaked Seaside guido den, Karma, in the comfort of their Italian home. In one scene, JWOWW covers the injury with a fingerless glove but she later shows it off when she dances with the rest of the roomies in the living room.

Since no one is commenting on it on the show, JWOWW’s injury may have been caused by an accident while filming. (Being drunk and hanging around all those heavy lights and equipment doesn’t sound like the safest thing in the world.) Or perhaps Jenni did one of her patented punches on some creep that is giving her BFFs trouble.

Or, maybe compared to all of the other drama that is going on in the house — Snooki and Jionni breaking up, Snooks hooking up with Vinny, the never-ending Sammi and Ronnie drama — Jenni’s sprain just wasn’t a big enough event for the producers to cover on the show.

We guess we’ll never know what happened to JWOWW’s hand.

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