What Will Happen to Leah Messer in Teen Mom 2 Season 3?
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What Will Happen to Leah Messer in Teen Mom 2 Season 3?

Teen Mom 2's second season is officially over, and we're dying to know what our favorite bunch of hot mamas are up to — especially Leah Messer.

Poor gal had the most depressing few months ever, but things will be looking up when Teen Mom 2 returns in the fall!

Leah is required by MTV not to reveal too much about her personal life, but we've put the pieces together for a sneak peak at her third season of mommy-hood.

1. She Moves on From Corey

Leah was devastated by her divorce from Corey, and was still head-over-Uggs in love with him when the Season 2 reunion special filmed. Luckily, Leah puts her baby daddy behind her next season, and she even goes on the rebound! Which brings us to ....

2. She Gets a New Boyfriend

Leah and her newest boy-toy, Jeremy Calvert, met back in August — just a few months after her divorce from Corey! It must have been love at first sight, because they've been inseparable ever since. We'll see Leah in a happier place next season, though she struggles with her semi-long distance relationship with Jeremy, who works on a pipeline.

3. She Gets Pregnant

Apparently, two babies weren't enough for our girl Leah! She became pregnant just a few months after meeting Jeremy, but the couple were thrilled by the unexpected news.“Yes, Leah is having my baby!” Jeremy shared at the time. “At first I was kind of surprised — but I was happy." Wow, we can't wait to see this go down on camera. So much mascara drippage ....

4. She Gets Engaged

Jeremy proposed to Leah on Christmas Day! “I bought an ornament for the tree that said ‘Engaged’ with both our names on it and the date,” Jeremy said. “And when I saw Leah looking at it, that’s when I gave her the ring. It’s a 1.5 princess-cut diamond.” No word as to whether MTV's cameras were around when Jeremy put a ring on it, but you can bet this happy news will be the highlight of next season!

5. She Has a Miscarriage

Leah tragically suffered a miscarriage shortly after announcing her engagement and pregnancy, which means her season won't be without its usual dose of heartbreak and suffering. Can this girl ever catch a break?

6. Baby Ali's Health Improves

We've been with Baby Ali through every step of the way when it comes to her health, so we're thrilled to report that next season will be A+! Ali's doctors discover that Aleeah was resting on Ali in the womb, which led to her developmental disabilities –– so she doesn't have a genetic abnormality after all! Expect Ali to be moving around much more next season, and prepare to cry your eyes out when she stands up on her own!

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