What Will JWOWW and Roger Name Their Daughter? They Have Some Choices! — Exclusive
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Jenni "JWOWW" Farley

What Will JWOWW and Roger Name Their Daughter? They Have Some Choices! — Exclusive

Jersey Shore veteran Jenni "JWOWW" Farley is well into her pregnancy with her first child, and she and fiancé Roger Mathews have already put a lot of thought into one of the biggest decisions facing them — what to name their daughter!

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Jenni as she celebrated her upcoming birthday this past Friday, February 21, with a party sponsored by Shutterball at Big Ang's Drunken Monkey bar in Staten Island, and she dished on the baby name situation.

"We have a few [names selected]," she told us. "But they say — at least, I'm hoping — that when you see her, you'll know. So we have like, 13 or 14."

While that may seem like a lot of options, the names Jenni and Roger have come up with definitely abide by a theme — uniqueness!

"Unique. Very unique," JWOWW told us when we asked if there is a type of name the couple is aiming for. But don't worry — Jenni and Roger may want their daughter's name to stand out, but that doesn't mean they're going totally over the top. "Not like, weird unique, or Hollywood names like 'Mirror.' Real names," Jenni explained.

We also caught up with Roger at the party, and he dished one potential option: Meilani, which we think is totally beautiful. It's a Hawaiian word, and is also the middle name of pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, who is known for surviving a shark attack where she lost her arm — and for testing her skills on Stars In Danger: The High Dive, where Jenni met her.

According to Roger, Meilani is currently a name frontrunner, but he emphasized that no decisions have been made. After all, the Jersey pair need to look at their little girl and see what seems right. Whatever they chose, we're sure it'll be perfect.

Additional reporting by Alissa Kombert.

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