What Would Abby Lee Miller Change About Dancing With the Stars?
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Dancing With The Stars

What Would Abby Lee Miller Change About Dancing With the Stars?

There’s a lot the Dancing With the Stars pros and viewers would change about Abby Lee Miller, but what would the Dance Moms star change about the show?

Before her controversial guest judging stint on Season 18, Week 8, Abby talked to HitFix about what she’d tweak about the series.

“I would like to see the show, rather than making ballroom dancers do lyrical and contemporary, I'd like to see a lot more musical theater,” Abby said. “The footwork and the timing and the partner work lends itself to Broadway more than it does to bare feet and rolling around on the floor. So I'd want traditional musical theater, 'Guys and Dolls,' that sort of thing. Just the history of Broadway, like Michael Bennett's [the choreographer of ‘Follies’ and ‘A Chorus Line’] work.”

DWTS has done individual Broadway weeks, and it sounds like this Monday’s Season 18 Semifinals will feature a big Broadway-style Macy’s Stars of Dance routine for American Icons week, but there aren’t regular Broadway-style routines. Contemporary was added to the show a couple of seasons ago — maybe to make the show more like So You Think You Can Dance — and it’s given the show some amazing dances, but lately the judges seem to think even the Rumbas are becoming too much like Contemporaries.

Do you think DWTS could use more musical theater pieces? They are fun to watch, and anything that brings more joy and that performance punch “wow” factor can’t be bad for the show.

DWTS Season 18 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: HitFix