What Would Ali Fedotowsky Change About The Bachelor Casting Process?
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What Would Ali Fedotowsky Change About The Bachelor Casting Process?

The Bachelorette casting gods were pretty kind to Ali Fedotowsky — she got to date both Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton, who were both total babes! — but she’d still like to change the process for whoever hands out roses after 2014 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis.

Ali — a veteran of both Jake Pavelka’s The Bachelor Season 14 and her own The Bachelorette Season 6 — wrote a blog for E! Online after JPG’s Season 18 premiere.

A fan asked Ali what she would change about the show or the casting process. “I would have the Bachelor be a part of the casting process,” Ali answered. “I think the show would be a lot more successful if the lead had a chance to sort through the peopled (sic) that are on the show. Let's face it, you know within the first 60 seconds of meeting something whether or not you are attracted to them. Even if it's a ‘friend’ attraction, there has to be some sort of attraction. So yes, I wish Juan had the chance to help in the casting process. I think it would be a cool twist one season! Don't you?”

Maybe the leads should have more say, but it could backfire. Sometimes singling out the people you want doesn’t work out, ‘cause you have no idea how they are going to feel about you. Look at Brooks Forester for Desiree Hartsock or Bentley Williams for Ashley Hebert — both of those guys were just not that into it, despite the Bachelorettes’ obvious swoony feelings. And Sean just admitted Catherine Giudici wasn’t on his radar for a few weeks into his season; what if he took a pass on her in casting? He would’ve missed out on the love of his life!

Ali revisited the casting topic when another fan said she noticed a lot more diversity in Sean Lowe’s season; she asked Ali if the Bachelors or Bachelorettes get to request certain physical types. “You can't really request whom you want as contestants,” Ali said. “Like you can't say, 'I'm only attracted to Latin girls, so just give me Latin girls,' but the producers do ask what kind of people you are attracted to. You can be specific or vague. All I said was, 'Don't give me a bunch of hotties that can't carry a conversation. I want funny, smart, quirky guys!'”

Roberto doesn’t really qualify as “quirky,” but one guy from Ali’s season who ticked all three boxes was Frank Neuschaefer — and look how that turned out! (Short answer: Badly.)

The producers take a lot of heat for their manipulative ways, but they can be pretty good at playing cupid. Sometimes it takes another person’s slightly more objective perspective to steer us toward someone we may not even have considered. Still, we’re all for giving the Bachelor and Bachelorette more power over their own love journeys. Besides, if they pick the people, they can’t complain about them later!

Do you think the Season 10 Bachelorette should be involved in the casting process, or just let The Powers That Be pick 25 guys for her and trust that it will all work out in the end?

Source: E! Online