Grey’s Anatomy: What’ll Happen When Burke Meets Owen?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: What’ll Happen When Burke Meets Owen?

First, there was When Harry Met Sally, and now, there’s When Burke meets Owen.

Now that we know that Burke (Isaiah Washington) is definitely making a return to Grey’s Anatomy to say goodbye to Cristina (Sandra Oh), we’ve got one question on our mind: How is Owen (Kevin McKidd) going to take it?

Cristina and Owen, in a surprising turn of events, seem to be back on after the hook-up we witnessed in Episode 14 (“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”). And now that her ex-fiancee is going to show up — we assume out of the blue — to bid her farewell as she makes her big exit from Seattle, Owen probably isn’t going to take too kindly to him.

So why do we think Owen and Burke wouldn’t get along? Burke leaving Cristina at the altar obviously left a lot of marks on her emotionally (and also left her without eyebrows, so you tell us which is worse) and, as her former husband, Owen knows all the Burke stories. If Owen’s not the president of Burke’s fan club, we wouldn’t be shocked.

Also, if Owen and Cristina are going to try and make it work again before she leaves, Owen might worry that Burke could stir up some old, unresolved feelings for Cristina, which would be stressful on any relationship, not just one as storied and filled with traumatic twists and turns as the Saga That Is Crowen. But if Cristina weren’t a factor here, we think Owen and Burke would make awesome BFFs. They are both incredibly career driven, and we could totally see them catching up at Joe’s over a couple of brewskies after a long day at work.

What do you think will happen when Burke and Owen finally meet?