What’s In That Motel Room? Top 5 OMG Moments from Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 17
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Pretty Little Liars

What’s In That Motel Room? Top 5 OMG Moments from Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 17

Have you caught your breath yet after all the surprises from this week’s Pretty Little Liars? The episode, entitled “The New Normal,” was packed with jaw-dropping moments. Let the craziness begin!

5. Emily’s mom has her back
It was nice to see Pam stand up for her daughter for a change, especially after Paige’s dad’s crazy rampage. Let’s just not get carried away and expect to see Pam marching in a gay pride parade with a rainbow flag draped over her shoulders anytime soon.

4. The world’s most awkward parent-teacher conference
Looks like Byron is creating a love triangle where one doesn’t really exist! Poor Ezra didn’t even know what hit him. (Although, if Ella is in fact interested in Ezra, can you really blame her?)

3. Caleb calls someone shady? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?
We didn’t take Mrs. Marin for the gullible type, but it looks like she was about to get swindled by someone claiming to be Mrs. Potter’s heir. Thankfully, Caleb is apparently quite the judge of character and does a quick background check. Looks like Caleb is really earning his keep!

2. What’s in that motel room? We need to know!
Toby — who’s now a free man — helps Spencer to decipher Jenna’s note, which they realize is the number 214. What they don’t realize is that it’s the room number at some sketchy-looking motel (or the date of Valentine's Day, which was also the air date of the episode). Let’s just say that this place isn’t exactly the hotel from Pretty Woman or anything.

1. Looks like Maya has some competition
Who saw this one coming? Not us! It turns out that Paige might not hate Emily as much as she seemed to, as we see Paige surprise Em with that smooch in her car. (And what is it with everyone on this show making out in cars?)


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