What\'s Megan Fox Up to Now?
What’s Megan Fox Up to Now?
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What’s Megan Fox Up to Now?


Megan used to be all over tabloid headlines. So much so that August 4, 2009 was dubbed “A Day Without Megan Fox,” with multiple websites participating in a Megan boycott... though that in itself generated headlines, sorta defeating the purpose.

But now it feels like it’s been years since we've heard about the 26-year-old, who was once ranked by FHM as the world’s sexiest woman. So whatever became of the Transformers beauty?

For one, she starred in two not-so-well-received movies in 2009. Jonah Hex was such a dud that it was barely released internationally, and Passion Play was little more than a blip that it only earned $4,000 in ticket sales! So it seems that Megan Fox took a break from Hollywood for a while.

But she’s back! She played a character who didn’t exactly want to be Friends With Kids in the 2011 film, she slept with The Dictator in Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest stereotype-exploiting comedy, and trailers for this year’s This Is 40 show Leslie Bibb enviously fondling Megan’s boobs.

And Megan’s about to birth a mini-Fox! She and her husband, Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green, are expecting a baby. She hasn’t publicly discussed the pregnancy, but recent paparazzi photos show an undeniable and ever-expanding baby bump.

She also has a penchant for running her mouth, and we’re not even talking about calling Transformers director Michael Bay “Hitler.”

Talking about her bisexuality, Megan spouted, “Men are so dirty that I’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man.” She’s also a bit of a homebody, confessing, “I stay home and play computer backgammon. Every once in a while, I [do] pottery.” And yes, she would even be comfortable as a hermit, touting, “I could go days, weeks, without talking to another human being.”

Other fun facts: Megan has brachydactyly, meaning her thumbs are club-shaped, and her thumbnails are shorter and wider than usual.

She also loves getting inked but hates her Marilyn Monroe tattoo — so much so that she’s getting it lasered off.

And her house was robbed by the Bling Ring, a group of teenagers who found celebrities’ addresses online and then robbed them. If that story sounds familiar, it’s the subject of an upcoming Emma Watson movie.

Suffice it to say, we’ve come full-circle — now we could use a little more Megan Fox!