What’s Next for the Cast of DWTS Season 11?
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What’s Next for the Cast of DWTS Season 11?


Brandy is returning to the family business. The singer, her brother and fellow pop star Ray Jr., and their parents recorded an album which will serve as a companion release for the second season of the family's VH1 reality show, Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business. The show returns for a second season on December 5. The first single from the album, "Talk To Me," is now available on iTunes.

Bristol Palin

Bristol is probably going to get more than $35,000 for her speaking gigs from now on. She made more than $345,000 on DWTS but a PopEater source says, "all that is going to feel like pocket change if one or two of the big deals she's currently working on actually happens." PopEater says there's a major deal in the works for Bristol to be the spokesperson for "a middle American fashion brand," which sounds like Kmart or something. She's also been approached for a book deal and offered a multi-million deal to appear on another reality show. "None of this should come as a surprise," one industry source says. "This year's 'Dancing' was up over 23 percent thanks to Bristol. Love her or hate her, you just can't turn away. This is what makes her so valuable. Now is her time to make a lot of money and she knows it." It's doubtful that DWTS was up 23 percent just because of Bristol, but if that's accepted as The Truth you can expect to see more Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin types next season. (Octomom?)

Kyle Massey

Kyle was chosen to be the special celebrity cashier at the Epic Mickey Launch party on Tuesday at the new Disney Store in Times Square in New York City. "Kyle exemplifies the youth of the world that have grown up with Disney. He's the perfect addition to this event that will allow adults and kids to experience the joy of Disney Epic Mickey together," said Warren Spector, general manager and creative director of Disney Interactive Studios' Junction Point. Kyle is also the voice of Milo in the Disney animated series Fish Hooks. He's also one of the coolest 19-year-olds on TV and we're still kinda sad he didn't win DWTS. Sorry, Jen!

Jennifer Grey

We know Jen is ready and willing to go on Glee. Jen also joined Kyle at the Epic Mickey Launch party on Tuesday. Jen was also scheduled to appear Tuesday on MSNBC's "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" to discuss her first-place finish on DWTS over Bristol Palin, and what MSNBC called "the Palin conspiracy." Be careful, Jen! You don't want them coming after you.


Florence Henderson

Flo is back on-screen playing a character named Betsy Ross in a film called The Christmas Bunny. The film debuted Sunday at Celebration Cinema North in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which was one of its filming locations. According to WZZM in Michigan, the film is about a lonely foster child who finds an injured rabbit in the woods. Flo's character helps nurse the rabbit back to health. Aww! That's much nicer than doing a raunchy Tango with it.

Audrina Patridge

The Hills star is going to bounce onto still another reality TV show sometime next year."The show with Mark Burnett got picked up by VH1 so the journey continues!" Audrina told Us Weekly. "It's a reality show about me and my family. Everything that people have wondered about me, they'll now get to see! And I hope Tony [Dovolani, her DWTS partner] will be on it! I'd love to make some trips to NY to see him because we are such good friends now!" Maybe Audrina & Tony should have their own show, where they go around convincing people to eat onions before doing intimate dances. Regardless, we can't wait to see what kind of drunken stupor Mama Patridge will relive in series form.

Rick Fox

Rick Fox and his girlfriend of almost two years, actress Eliza Dushku, are discussing marriage. And Canadian Rick is also exploring the idea of becoming a U.S. citizen. "I've lived more than half my life in this country and I still can't vote," he said. "My kids are talking about politics and I want that experience." Rick is also headed back to cover the NBA and he told the Boston Herald the Celtics are "the cream of the Eastern Conference." He and Eliza served Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter in Boston. So not only are they hot and happy, they're super sweet, too.

Kurt Warner

Kurt is going back to talking about football. The NFL quarterback who played for both the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals, will be in the booth next week for the FOX broadcast of the Rams game against the Cardinals. Kurt was also nominated to be Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year. He is continuing to work with his First Things First foundation, which is "dedicated to impacting lives by promoting Christian values" and he has plenty of events coming up, all listed on his website. For example, Kurt and his family are the Fiesta Bowl Grand Marshals and will lead the parade through Central Phoenix on Dec. 31. Sounds like some nice wholesome family fun.

What’s Next for the Cast of DWTS Season 11?
Credit: ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group    
Dancing with the Stars tends to offer a career boost to struggling or lesser-known stars and that seems to be the case again for the Season 11 crew. These 12 celebs are enjoying the publicity that comes with appearing on the most-watched show TV. Let's see what they're up to now:

David Hasselhoff

If you take The Hoff off one show, you can be sure he'll find another. Our #1 Season 11 loser is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The Most Watched TV Star in the World." He will soon be seen on what The Daily Mail says could be the craziest reality TV show of all time, The Hasselhoffs. The 10-episode series starts December 5 on A&E and follows the 58-year-old single dad's struggle raising two daughters, Taylor-Ann, 20, and Hayley, 18. Or, more accurately, it follows the girls' struggle to raise their crazy dad. "It's going to be a reality series unlike any other, and the point of it all is to really show what it's like to be a father in Hollywood, raising two daughters who are trying themselves to make it in the business," The Hoff writes on his website. The show will air Sunday nights at 10 p.m. Will you watch?

Michael Bolton

Remember all those tour dates Bolton talked about on DWTS? He's still out there, singing around the world. As he wrote on his website after the November 23 show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, "Nearing the end of this long, long tour around the world, I am growing deeper into my own gratitude for being able to do what I love so much. This was perhaps my favorite concert ever at the RAH. To walk into the most beautiful magical venue in the world and feel such warmth and overwhelming love and support from my fans in London and from all of the UK, was absolutely amazing. It was just so deep and powerful for me, I wanted to give even more... I'm just so grateful." Aww! Good to hear that doghouse drama is long forgotten. Although, looking at his website, it looks like he still has a long way to go on this tour. He finishes up in the U.K. and heads to Germany for a while before jetting off to Taiwan and Korea. Then he returns to the States in 2011 for more tours. Sounds doggone exhausting!

Margaret Cho

Margaret is still her same light-hearted self, even if she and Louis van Amstel are no longer wearing the most outlandish costumes of the season and generally making us cringe. The comedienne eliminated third on DWTS Season 11 is planning for the third season of Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime, and also promoting Cho-Dependent, her debut album as a singer-songwriter. She's also making new videos for the album and continuing her comedy tour across the country. She'll be in San Francisco this Saturday and she talked to the San Francisco Examiner about her life right now. "It's a busy time, which makes it perfect because I love working. I love recording and writing shows and being on the road and acting, so for me it’s all great."

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

The Situation was named GQ's "Sensation of the Year" — so don't let anyone tell you a perfect six-pack isn't worth anything! Somehow, the Jersey Shore star pulled in roughly $5 million this year from endorsements, including Vitamin Water and Reebok. Sitch has a new workout video and he collaborated with writer and cartoonist Chris Mills on a new book, Here's the Situation: A Guide to Creeping on Chicks, Avoiding Grenades, and Getting in Your GTL on the Jersey Shore, which satirizes the hard-partying lifestyle of Jersey Shore. He also has a vitamin line for GNC, a clothing line, a rap song, the third season of Jersey Shore coming up and money from appearances. This kind of wisdom doesn't come cheap, people!

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