What’s Next for the White Walkers? Actor Speculates…
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Game of Thrones

What’s Next for the White Walkers? Actor Speculates…

We’ve seen very little of the mysterious White Walkers throughout Game of Thrones’ first four seasons. We know they haven’t been seen in thousands of years until now, they kill indiscriminately, they’re heading south for some reason, their weakness is dragonglass, and they kidnap babies and turn them into White Walkers. But we don’t know what their motivations are, or what they’ll do next.

Actor Ross Mullan, who has portrayed a White Walker on the show multiple times, speculates on what’s coming up for GoT’s least-seen antagonists.

“I think the White Walkers are expanding,” Ross tells Flicks in the City. “I think they’re going to take the Wall ... Do you think that they want the throne itself? ... There must be something that they actually want. What would that be? I wonder ... Clearly things like power is something they wouldn’t necessarily only be after like the other characters ... We don’t need mere power, we have all the power.”

When asked what he would like to see in the White Walkers future, Ross doesn’t mince words: he wants a battle. “I would like to see some battle,” Ross says. “Because at my casting, they said, ‘Can you use a sword? Do you do sword fighting?’ ... I can sword fight, I wanna sword fight, so when I come back, I wanna fight. I wanna fight!”

Don’t worry Ross, we want to see you fight, too! You can watch the entire 11+ minute interview with Ross right here.

Source: Flicks in the City

06.30.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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