The Originals: What’s Your Favorite Relationship?
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The Originals

The Originals: What’s Your Favorite Relationship?

So far, The Originals has focused more on rivalries and family tensions than romantic relationships, but it's still a vampire show on the CW — love, or at least lust, is in the air. There are already a lot of couples to entertain, tease, or bother fans, and we're curious about which romance has grabbed your attention.

Here at Wetpaint Entertainment, we're pretty intrigued by Rebekah and Marcel's relationship. It has history, passion, and the added bonus of complicating the plot by creating an alliance that could turn against Klaus if Rebekah and Marcel can ever get on the same page, priorities wise. And let's be real: They look really, really good together.

There's also Elijah and Hayley, which is fun mostly because we like seeing Elijah in overprotective wooing mode. The sexual tension here is palatable — but would they actually make a good couple?

And then there are two potential couples on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Davina and her school friend Tim could be totally adorable, but with a side helping of major risk for Tim as long as Davina's life is deadly. On the flipside there's Klaus and Cami, whose connection is intense, and very twisted. They're drawn to each other, but we're less than half a season into the show and Klaus has already nearly driven her insane.

Of course, we know plenty of you are still banking on favorite ships from The Vampire Diaries making their way to The Originals. Plenty of Klaus and Caroline fans are hoping to see Caroline make the move to New Orleans, and given that Caroline is now single, it could be a possibility. There's also Rebekah and Matt, who's summer adventures some people are reluctant to forget. And we know we're not the only ones hoping Elijah and Katherine have at least one final scene together before she may or may not die in Season 5.

So, what do you think, Originals fans? Which ship has captured your heart? One of the ones we've mentioned? A different pairing entirely?

Vote in our poll, and then sound off in the comments below!

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