“What’s Your F-Word?” Quotes From America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17, Episode 6
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America's Next Top Model

“What’s Your F-Word?” Quotes From America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17, Episode 6

The All-Stars are back, and they’re bringing more than just their stunning looks and signature walks to the game. The real challenge of the season? If these modelstants can get through an episode without saying something completely insane. (Personally, we’re doubtful.) Check out the funniest, weirdest, fiercest quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 6 “Coco Rocha.”

10. Angelea crushes on the NFL players: “Somebody put a ring on it.”
Get it, girl!

9. Bianca preps for a bitch fight: “I’m locked, loaded and ready for war.”
OMG, this is like The Hunger Games all over again.

8. Bianca describes playing football with Lisa: “BAM that was for getting in my business. BAM that was for talking outta turn. BAM that was just because.”
Since when do models mimic Emeril LaGassi?

7. Heed Lisa’s warning: “Can’t stop me. Never will.”
Run and hide!

6. Bianca brushes off Lisa’s football skills: “I’m not intimidated by Lisa in the least. She’s a whole lotta ball of fire with no flame.”
Have you not seen Lisa’s jester pants? There’s plenty of flame.

5. Kayla: “I’m like, I have to win this one. Especially ‘cause I’m a lesbian and we all have to win at sports.”
Way to break stereotypes, Kayla.

4. Alexandria pumps herself up: “This photo-shoot’s really important to me because this is my chance to get number one. Or number two.”
Or, you know, runner-up. First runner-up. Just not last, you know?

3. Tyra tries to pay a compliment: “Bianca, you look like a praying mantis. I think it’s fabulous.”
No wonder these girls spend all day crying.

2. Andre questions Kayla: “What’s your F-word?”
There is only one answer to this question.

1. Tyra looks at Angelea’s photo: “I feel her pain and I love every minute of it.”
Tyra’s new obsession: praying mantises in pain. Fierce!

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