Angelina Jolie

When Are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Getting Married? She Says…

After ten years and six kids together, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are pretty much married in our books. But some folks still can’t wait for Brangelina to make it all official. We get that.

Now that Angie’s officially engaged to marry her longtime beau (and has been for going on three years), when exactly can we expect that wedding? Don’t hold your breath; these two are doing it their way.

Well, to be more accurate, they’re doing it their kids’ way. In case you’ve lost count, Brad and Angelina have three adopted and three biological children together, and they’re leaving all the wedding planning up to their brood. Maybe it seems like a bad idea to have kids ranging in ages 5 to 12 plan your nuptials but these are the Jolie-Pitts we’re talking about. They were born with good taste.

That said, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, as we like to fondly think of them, don’t have anything in the works for their big day to date. “Nothing is organized. Nothing is ready,” Angelina tells USA Today. “I don’t have a dress.”

A wedding will, however, happen in due time. The Maleficent star says the ceremony not only “matters to us in a very private way,” but the couple realizes “we’re public people.” And the people want what the people want, namely to see how Angelina and Brad incorporate all six kidlets into the ceremony.

Source: USA Today