X Factor 2013: When Do Live Shows Begin?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: When Do Live Shows Begin?

On other seasons of The X Factor, there was a pretty simple format: Auditions, Bootcamp, Judges’ Houses, Live Shows. But Season 3 has made us all sorts of crazy with the switches they’ve made, and we haven’t recovered. Even though our minds have been kind of blown by dropping the middle rounds in favor of the death-defying “Four Chair Challenge,” we do know one thing: Live shows are coming!

Host with the most Mario Lopez announced during the final night of the Four Chair slaughter Challenge that Live Shows will begin on October 29. What’s that you say? Nearly three weeks without a new episode? Yeah, we don’t know what they’re thinking exactly, but it is a little wacko that the show is returning on a Tuesday.

Most weeks, the show runs on Wednesday and Thursday nights, with the performances on Wednesdays and results shows along with big star performances on Thursdays. The Top 16 contestants will be showing off their prowess each week with the best they can bring. Then, fans weigh in online, in a text, and via phone calls to support their favorites. Who will win? We don’t know, but we sure have our favorites in mind. Who are yours? Tell us below.

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