When Does The Vampire Diaries Come Back in 2014? Season 5 Returns On…
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The Vampire Diaries

When Does The Vampire Diaries Come Back in 2014? Season 5 Returns On…

The Vampire Diaries return is just a few days away, and it's going to be epic. Why? Because The Vampire Diaries is kicking off the new year with its milestone 100th episode! The Vampire Diaries will return with its 100th episode “500 Years of Solitude” — on Thursday, January 23, 2014.

"500 Days of Solitude" will pick up right where Season 5, Episode 10 (“Fifty Shades of Grayson”), TVD's midseason finale, left off, which means after more than a month of waiting, we'll finally find out Katherine Pierce's fate — however, we have a feeling the future is grim for our favorite doppelganger. But Katherine isn't the only one on the brink of death. Is Damon and Elena's whirlwind romance over before it ever really begun? The elder Salvatore bro will be extra broody in the 100th episode, so be prepared for some tears, Delena fans. (If you need a refresher of all the drama that went down in "Fifty Shades of Grayson," read our TVD recap here!)

We already know that Sara Canning (Aunt Jenna) will return for the episode, and now we can add Joseph Morgan’s Klaus Mikaelson to the list of familiar faces who will pop up in Mystic Falls. Better yet, Klaus will run into Caroline upon his arrival, and the two might just share a long awaited kiss. Also, there’s one scene in the episode that will bring the entire cast together, and as per usual, “death is knocking at the window” in the 100th episode.

Given the episode’s title, we know “500 Years of Solitude” will focus on the life of Katherine, whose time is most certainly running out by Episode 11. We've seen that the cure that turned Katherine back into a human after 500 years of vampirism, and it's slowly but surely sucking the life out of her. Her accelerated aging will likely kill her in the next few months, which makes us think the 100th episode will feature Katherine’s death.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until Thursday to see if our prediction is correct, but for now, it looks like Katherine’s time on TVD is running out. Unless, of course, her daughter Nadia can help figure out a way to stop the aging — and with so many Traveller tricks up her sleeve, it may be a possibility.

MORE: If you simply cannot wait until The Vampire Diaries makes its January comeback to find out what happens, we've got some juicy 100th episode spoilers here.

Are you excited TVD is kicking off the second part of Season 5 with its big 100th episode? What do you think will happen? Sound off in the comments!

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