When Does The Walking Dead Come Back?
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The Walking Dead

When Does The Walking Dead Come Back?

Update: We still have another whole week to go before the second half of Season 4 resumes on February 9, 2014, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC, but until then we have a killer TWD marathon to keep us busy. The full TWD series marathon starts with Season 1 on Sunday, February 2 (can you say Zombie Bowl!) and continues with Season 2 on Monday, February 3. The fun keeps coming the following weekend, with Season 3 on Saturday, February 8, and Season 4 airing on Sunday, February 9 as a lead-in to the midseason premiere.

What’d you think of the heart-pounding thrill ride that was The Walking Dead mid-season finale, Season 4, Episode 8, “Too Far Gone”? Wait, what’s that? You’re so fixated on what’s going to happen next that the only thing you can think about is when The Walking Dead will be back on? Well, your next hit of gory walker action won’t be coming until February 2014. Think you can wait that long? Here’s more info to tide you over:

The Walking Dead Season 4B: What We Know So Far

When Does The Walking Dead Come Back?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

It’s official: We’re halfway through the craziest TWD season yet! Fan favorite Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) told the The Wall Street Journal, “I think Season 4 is going to be our best season, I really do. Our new showrunner — Glen [Mazzara] was amazing, and Frank [Darabont] was always amazing, but Scott [Gimple] is such a good writer. He’s got the whole thing plotted out already. I’m really excited to get going.” So far, we don’t disagree, but will Daryl make it to the end of this season?

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We‘re excited to see what craziness preteen Carl Grimes is going to get into in the Walking Dead Season 4B premiere, and we have even more info on what’s up for #TeamPrison. If you want more deets, our big ol’ juicy list of what to expect next in Season 4 lives here: The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers Roundup: What’s Next

Walking Dead Season 5 Coming in October 2014

And TWD won’t end with Season 4. AMC jumped to renew its hit series for a fifth season (keeping showrunner Scott Gimple in his place) when we were only three episodes deep into this season. If that isn’t confirmation that the show is awesome, we don’t know what is!

Our best guess for the debut of The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere would be in October 2014, when past seasons have premiered. That means we’ll all have to suffer through a walker andDaryl Dixon-free summer. Boo! In the meantime, horror and supernatural TV fans can catch up on the highly-anticipated True Blood series finale, which will air on HBO this summer.

And one more thing on The Walking Dead Season 5: As The Governor (David Morrissey) has been a big highlight in Season 4, we’re wondering if he’ll make it through to Season 5. He toldAccess Hollywood Live, “Going into Season 5, we don’t know anything about that.”

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Unfortunately, we don’t think any of the actors know anything about next season at this point, but we’ll keep you updated as we find out!

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