When Is Pregnant Tila Tequila Due?
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When Is Pregnant Tila Tequila Due?

The last time we checked on former reality TV starlet, Tila Tequila, she was pretty far along in her pregnancy. In between revealing her baby’s gender (she’s having a girl!), and knitting a pair of booties and mittens for mini Tila, the 32-year-old’s belly has grown to new lengths: Big!

Tila announced she was expecting her first child back in April when she was just 10 weeks along, so we can’t help but wonder when Tila is due. Lucky for us, the former Playboy cybergirl loves to update her legions of fans about her pregnancy, and she recently shared some news about her impending due date.

“Look at that big 'ol watermelon! Lol I feel like I'm gonna topple over when I walk,” Tila writes on Facebook along with a recent baby bump photo. “I'm bigger than all of my pregnant girlfriends, but that just means I got a really healthy baby! 3 more months of growing omg!”

That’s right, just three more months until the world is blessed with a mini Tila! What’s more, the star is already determined to get back to pre-baby body once she delivers her baby — haters be damned!

“I'm going to get back to this body after I'm done having this 20 pound baby!!” Tila adds in another post showing off her body pre-baby. “Oh my God! I'm going to be a Mommy!!! How exciting! And before anyone starts commenting, let's not forget one of my favorite mottos to live by, ‘haters are our motivators’ Holla!”

We have to admit, we love Tila’s attitude about her pregnancy, especially her positivity given that she’s about to face single motherhood. Radar Online recently revealed that her baby daddy, musician Thomas Paxton Whitaker, are currently dealing with a legal battle, and Tila is 100% dedicated to raising her baby alone.

"Since I will be raising her alone I think it's just perfect that I'm having a girl for my first child," Tila previously wrote in a blog post. "I could tell her about Mommy's entire life and why it's so important to not make the same mistakes I made … my daughter will grow up to be a leader."

Here’s to counting down till mini Tila arrives!