X Factor 2013: When Is the Season 3 Finale?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: When Is the Season 3 Finale?

Despite a less than stellar Season 3 in terms of ratings, The X Factor is trudging ahead over on Fox. Now, after several weeks of double eliminations, we’re wondering when we’ll be getting down to the final contestants and the season’s grand finale.

Scheduling has been all over the map for the show of late, what with the World Series interrupting the normal course of things at the end of October and then a tech glitch throwing off voting for a week or so early in November.

Everything’s since settled down and we’ve finally got specific dates for the Season 3 finale. Get out your big red marker and circle Wednesday, December 18 and Thursday, December 19 on your calendar (or note it in your smartphone if you’re cool like that).

Both nights will be two hours long (we know!) and feature some big names. No specifics yet but we’ll update you with the latest as we get the news.

And, guys, if rumors prove true/Fox execs look at the ratings, this may be the very last X Factor finale to ever grace American televisions...

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