When Will Downton Abbey End? Julian Fellowes Says….
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Downton Abbey

When Will Downton Abbey End? Julian Fellowes Says….

We knew the day would come, fellow Downton Abbey fans. Show creator and sole writer Julian Fellowes sees the end of the series on the horizon. So while an official end date is still many months away, we suggest you begin the mental preparations now.

Jules talked Downton during a recent interview with HuffPost TV Canada and when asked if we fans can expect a Season 6, he didn’t beat around the bush.

“I’m not sure,” he tells HuffPost. “Unlike America, in England we have to wait until the season finishes [airing] before we receive a pick-up; we’re not renewed multiple years in advance.”

While Julian jokes the delay is because English shows “never want to jinx anything,” he says the uncertainty is actually for the best as “it keeps everyone at the top of their game.”

Last year, Season 5 was announced almost immediately after Season 4 wrapped in the United Kingdom, which means the earliest we’ll likely hear if Season 6 is a go would be November. If a sixth installment does get the green light, however, Julian cautions fans this could be the end of the road.

“If there is a sixth season, it may be our last,” he says. The upside? We’ll have another Julian Fellowes project to turn to in our moment of despair.

“I’m about to start on a new U.S. drama called The Gilded Age for NBC Universal. And the last thing I want is to juggle two shows,” he explains.

Well, if our years at Downton Abbey have taught us anything, it’s to take the bad with the good.

What do you make of the news? Think the show has a sixth season in it, or should quit while it’s ahead? Tell us in the comments!

Source: HuffPost TV Canada

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