When Will Filming Begin on The Bachelor 2015?
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The Bachelor

When Will Filming Begin on The Bachelor 2015?

Call it a sickness, but even though we know Bachelor 2015 won’t start airing until, well, 2015, we still want to know everything about it. And now that we officially know that Chris Soules is the lucky guy for the gig, we can't wait for things to kick off! So when does Season 19 — 19! Can you believe it? — begin production?

According to Reality Steve, 25 lovely ladies will unpack their claw-sharpening kits in the name of love and a Neil Lane diamond in a matter of weeks. “Filming for the ‘Bachelor’ for the last 6 seasons has started mid/late September,” says Steve. In other words, somewhere in the September 15-20 range. Gah! What are we supposed to do with ourselves in the meantime?! Work? Have lives? Tend to our own relationships? Pffffffftttt.

The spoiler king also says that the women have been cast and he knows who a few of them are, though he's holding those names close to his chest for the time being. We can't wait to see who these farm-ready gals are! Hopefully, they're ready for some salt of the earth, Midwestern living (though, admittedly, Chris is not hard-pressed for cash — dude is a millionaire). So really, is it January yet? Our patience is wearing thin.

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Source: Reality Steve