When Will Downton Abbey Season 5 Premiere? (UPDATE: We Have a Date!)
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Downton Abbey

When Will Downton Abbey Season 5 Premiere? (UPDATE: We Have a Date!)

Update (September 24, 2014):

No need to wait any longer for Season 5! We’ve got full episode recaps right over here.

Original story (January 7, 2014):

Sure, sure Downton Abbey’s fourth season wrapped in the U.S. just a handful of months ago, but that isn’t keeping us from planning ahead. Since Julian Fellowes only pens us eight weeks’ worth of upstairs/downstairs drama at a go, we need to know when to expect our next fix.

In the beginning, the only confirmed information available was that there will be a Season 5 and, even more exciting, it started filming in February! That meant even before the series wrapped in the States, the old gang got back together for their latest round of upper-crust controversy.

As past seasons have proven, Downton Abbey is nothing if not reliable in the matter of air dates. For the last four series, the show premiered in the United Kingdom at the end of September and ran until early November. Then came the annual Christmas special on December 25 followed by the U.S. premiere as soon as the new year arrived.

And it doesn’t look like we’re changing course anytime soon. As ITV announced at the end of August, Series 5 will kick off in the U.K. at 9 p.m. on Sunday, September 21.

Unfortunately, American viewers will still have to wait until January 2015 for their installment of the drama, says PBS Chief Paula Kerger. Just like the Dowager Countess, PBS is a stickler for tradition, which means Season 5 will air Sunday, January 4. Start planning your watch party now!

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