When Will Downton Abbey End?
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Downton Abbey

When Will Downton Abbey End?

During the past four seasons of Downton Abbey we’ve covered a span of ten years. And what a decade it’s been. Downton has addressed several chapters of major world history starting with the infamous 1912 sinking of the Titanic, seeing us through World War Two, and, most recently, reveling in the Roaring Twenties. So how much time lies ahead for our favorite cast of upstairs, downstairs characters?

The series has already been renewed for a fifth round and, based on what creator Julian Fellowes said in a recent interview, he has plenty of story left to tell.

“I don’t think we’re ready to stop now because audience is still increasing,” Julian tells journalist Charlie Rose, citing the record-breaking ratings of Season 4 in the UK. That said, he has no plans to take the show’s storyline much further in terms of history.

“Everyone always says, ‘You must take them through the next war. You must take them into the Sixties’ all that,” Julian says before looking Charlie square in the eye and giving his answer: “No.”

Good to know but should we at least brace ourselves for another world war? “I don’t think we’ll get as far as World War Two,” Julian replies, as we take a deep sigh of relief. Seeing Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) face death in the trenches of France was more than enough drama for us; no need to see his son face down Hitler, too.

By the sounds of it, Downton will be sticking around the Twenties for quite a while. It’s “a much richer vein,” Julian describes. Translation: The Depression’s too depressing, even for Downton Abbey.

How long would you like to see Downton Abbey go? Are there certain historical moments you hope the plot addresses? Share your suggestions for Julian in the comments!

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