When Will Someone Die on Pretty Little Liars Season 2?
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When Will Someone Die on Pretty Little Liars Season 2?

Ever since the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 promo promised that someone will die this season, we've been waiting on the edge of our seat to find out who the unfortunate Rosewood resident will be.

We still don't know who is going to an early grave, but what about when this death will take place? We can't say for sure, but we have a strong feeling it's not going to happen until the finale (Season 2, Episode 25: “UnmAsked”).

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Here's why we think that if a death does happen, it's going to go down in the last episode of the season:

The finale is supposed to be heartbreaking: PLL producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan said that if she had to describe the finale in one word, she would pick "heartbreaking." What's more heartbreaking than a tragic death?

The finale is supposed to be the most dramatic, twisty episode ever: Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers) said that, in the Season 1 finale, "when Ian Thomas [Ryan Merriman] was hanging from the bell tower, and there was so much action, that’s literally just a fraction of what goes on in this season finale." Meanwhile, Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) said that finding out "A"'s identity is "not even the biggest part of the episode." If there really is a death this season, it's hard to imagine the writers wouldn't save it until the end to add maximum impact to the finale.

A clue from Bianca Lawson: Apparently we haven't seen the last of Maya, but Bianca Lawson (Maya St. Germain) says she's not in the finale and she has no idea who dies. That means that she must have been around for the filming of either Season 2, Episode 23: “Eye of the Beholder” or Season 2, Episode 24: “If These Dolls Could Talk.” Even if her character is not involved in the death scene, you'd think she'd have heard about it if she was there around when it was filming. Just saying.

Of course, we could be wrong. Our hearts will definitely be in our throats every time anyone is in danger for the next few episodes.

Be sure to tune in for the next episode of Pretty Little Liars tonight, March 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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