Bachelor 2015: When Does the Women Tell All Special Air?
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Bachelor 2015

Bachelor 2015: When Does the Women Tell All Special Air?

One of our favorite things about The Bachelor? The tell-all specials. They give us a little more insight into what was going on behind the scenes of the show, and what the contestants were thinking when certain events transpired. And usually, some of it can be pretty juicy. Who does drama better than The Bachelor?

This year, we’re lucky enough to get two tell-all specials: One that airs on Sunday featuring Chris Soules, Kelsey Poe, and Andi Dorfman, and one that airs toward the end of the season — the usual Women Tell All special that happens each year. So when is that happening?

According to Reality Steve, who has proven time and time again that he knows all, Women Tell All is airing Monday, March 2. So mark your calendars!

Steve also notes that the Women Tell All taping is next Saturday, which we take to mean February 21. Keep an eye on Instagram, everyone! We might get to see photos of our favorite cast members from this season reunited.

Meanwhile, we’ll be busy digesting the fact that we get to hear more of Kelsey’s wisdom this weekend. What will she say next? It’ll be entertaining, to say the least.

What do you hope to learn from Women Tell All? Any specific questions you’re hoping will be answered? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reality Steve

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