Where Is Lauren Cohan From? Watch Her Explain Her Unique Accent (VIDEO)
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Where Is Lauren Cohan From? Watch Her Explain Her Unique Accent (VIDEO)

Maggie Greene may be a southern farm gal at heart, but her portrayer Lauren Cohan is much more worldly. If you’ve heard Lauren speak in interviews, you know she has a very sweet, unique accent. The Walking Dead star spent part of her childhood in New Jersey, but moved to England with her mother and stepfather when she was a young girl.

As she explains to Pete Holmes in the video below via Huffington Post, “I hail from New Jersey, I was born in New Jersey. I do have this now,” she said referring to her British twinge, “which is my mixture.”

“I moved to England,” she clarified before she and Pete went off on a tangent that included saying words like “banana” and “aluminium” in a heavy British accent. Pretty soon Pete was pronouncing everything like a proper Englishmen, which is something that Lauren totally identified with. “That’s what happens when you live there for ten years,” she said with a smile. “You suddenly start doing it full-time.”

And as it turns out, Lauren’s accent expertise hardly end there. “When I fight with my mother I’m always from Chicago,” she revealed, later adding that she was just playing around.

Towards the end of the clip, however, Lauren really showed off her talent for imitating different accents. Care to watch how Lauren tackles a Russian accent? Check out the video below. As Pete declares, “If nothing else from this interview, you’re going to get cast as some sort of icy Russian woman.”

Has Scott Gimple seen this clip?! We hope he can figure out a way to give Maggie an accent and showcase Lauren’s talents. Maybe she can fool the Termites into thinking she’s a Russian spy...

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

Source: Huffington Post

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