5 Ways Olivia Caridi Completely Changed Since ‘Bachelor’ 2016 (PHOTOS)
Olivia Caridi
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The Bachelor

5 Ways Olivia Caridi Completely Changed Since ‘Bachelor’ 2016 (PHOTOS)


Being known as the designated “villain” on your Bachelor season isn’t the post-show curse it once was — as evidenced by people like Michelle Money and Courtney Robertson.

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For more proof, look no further than Olivia Caridi, Ben Higgins’s most talked about Season 20 contestant and the gal who made “deep, intellectual things are my jam” a household phrase.

Though it’s only been six months since filming wrapped — and two since it went off the air — Olivia has really made use of the lessons she learned on the show and has totally overhauled her life.

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In January we met a Texas-based news anchor with long blonde hair, and, well, now none of those statements are true. Check out five ways the 24-year-old has completely changed below.

Moved to NYC

Exploring my new home. #nycfeels

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In the words of TSwift, welcome to New York! In March, right around her 24th birthday, Olivia decided to relocate from Austin to the Big Apple to live with her younger sister. The two found an apartment in Chelsea (see picture below) and she quickly fell in love with her new home.

She wrote on Instagram at the time, “Now it's time to take risks. Because ‘here goes nothing’ could be the start of everything. What if it doesn't work out? But even better — what if it does? My faith is bigger than my fear. May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation.”

Chopped Off Her Hair

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As is the case in any rom-com, when a gal goes through a life transformation it’s time to cut off her locks (ugh, Felicity Season 2 flashbacks). This one was a good one, though, as the former reality star is looking you, fresh, and modern with her short new bob — a far cry from her anchor hair of years past.

Started a New Career

Olivia wrote openly on her blog upon arriving in the city about her struggles to find a new job. Lucky for her, she found a new mentor in Kellee Khalil, founder of the Loverly wedding app, who apparently took the reality star “under her wing” and introduced her to her network and “now incredibly things are happening.”

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It’s still unclear what sort of projects Liv might have in the works, but seeing as she’s been hitting up bridal fashion week and other such events with Kellee, it’s probably something in the lifestyle/blogger sphere.

New city, new bestie! Loved the @maggiesotterodesigns runway show with @loverly for #bridalfashionweek! #NYC

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Became a Model

In addition to whatever career path she teased above, the gal (who once complained about cankles on national TV) has picked up a side gig as a professional model. Olivia revealed on Instagram she’s signed with MS Models in the Commercial/Lifestyle and Fashion divisions.

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Made Bachelor Friends

Olivia is no longer a four-letter word in Bachelor Nation! She’s seemingly made up with her Bachelor co-stars JoJo Fletcher and Caila Quinn, posting photos of herself with the two and gushing about their friendships. Plus, she’s even making inroads with past alums like fellow New Yorker Sharleen Joynt. Time heals everything, we guess?

Love these two so much. #nycgirls #squad

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