Where Is Rickon on Game of Thrones?
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Game of Thrones

Where Is Rickon on Game of Thrones?

On Game of Thrones, pretty much everybody roots for the Stark kids. There’s vengeful Arya, mysterious Bran, tragic Sansa, noble Jon... and the other one. Speaking of which, we haven’t seen Rickon in a while. Where did he go?

If you remember in Season 3, Bran sent Rickon away while they were at the old mill, after the encounter with Jon Snow and the Wildlings. Bran thought it would be too dangerous beyond the Wall for young Rickon, so he sent him away with Osha and Shaggydog. Osha didn’t put up much of a fight, since she never wanted to go beyond the Wall anyway. But we haven’t seen them at Castle Black, so where are they headed?

Rickon and Osha were sent by Bran to Last Hearth, which is the seat of House Umber, one of the Starks’ closest allies, and is led by Greatjon Umber. The Greatjon was last seen in the Season 1 finale as one of Robb Stark’s chief advisors, and he was the one who first proclaimed Robb to be the King in the North. While we don’t know if Rickon and Osha do reach Last Hearth in Season 4 we’re quite sure that they will make an appearance somewhere this season. Art Parkinson, who portrays Rickon, tweeted about shooting in Belfast the same time GoT was filming there. So don’t forget about Rickon!

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