Where Is Revenge\'s Grayson Manor Really Located?


Where Is Revenge’s Grayson Manor Really Located?


You Asked, We Answered!

Where Is Revenge’s Grayson Manor Really Located?
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Grayson Manor on Revenge is one of the most coveted homes on television. From its sprawling grounds to its beachy backyard, this crib is hard to beat.

Honestly, who doesn’t fantasize about perching in Victoria’s turret all day?

And don’t even get us started on the fabulous design details inside the house! The home is filled with West Indies-inspired ornaments, which are native to beach houses in The Hamptons.

Next time you tune into Revenge, check out the French doors, wainscoting (a type of panelling), and transom windows.

So what inspired this beautiful home? Interior shots of the Grayson fortress were originally filmed in a mansion outside of Wilmington, North Carolina. The Revenge set designers even used the original furnishings in the house, which meant they had to replicate every single detail (down to the woodwork) when the show moved back to Los Angeles for filming.

Check out pics of the real Grayson mansion interiors here.

So what about the exterior of this fab home? Sadly, you won’t be able to visit the Grayson’s sprawling mansion, because it doesn’t exist! The entire place is the work of CGI, though it was modeled on actual estates in The Hamptons.

Sigh, this enviable mini-palace really is too good to be true!

Source: Reckless Bliss / Hooked on Houses

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