Where Will Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Live Now That They’re Married?
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Where Will Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Live Now That They’re Married?

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are married, and we keep having to pinch ourselves to remember the glory of their union (in every way, woof). But while the biggest change is definitely their relationship status, another one is also in the works: They’re going to live together for the first time!

Although the couple got engaged in November 2012, during the last episode of The Bachelor Season 17, they’ve been living apart ever since. Catherine moved from Seattle down to the Los Angeles area during Sean’s stint on Dancing With The Stars, but the pair lived next door to one another in the same apartment complex, due to Sean’s beliefs that they should wait until marriage to have sex.

Then, when SeanCat moved to Dallas in September, the question again arose whether they’d hole up as one. Nope. At that point, as Sean explained during the couple’s wedding special, Catherine moved in with his friend Laura Caperton. Though they lived just a few blocks from one another, they still weren’t pillow talking their way to sleep every night.

Then, in December, Catherine posted a pic of Sean walking in front of her, captioning it “househunting on foot.” But still, they didn’t toss their pots and pans into the same cupboard. However, in the newest issue of Us Weekly, they talk about their plans for their new pad.

Once they return from their honeymoon in Bora Bora, Catherine is moving into Sean’s longtime loft. “Sean has cleaned out half his closet for me!” Catherine told the magazine about her new roommate. However, that’s not where they’ll stay forever with their pair of dogs. In fact, Sean tells the magazine they’re actively looking not just for a house, but for a plot of land.

“We’re going to customize it. We want a big living room that connects with a kitchen so we can keep an eye on our kids.” You know, those kids. The ones they’re probably making on their honeymoon as we speak. Considering Cat wants five kids, that better be one big living room!

Source: Us Weekly print edition

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