Which The Walking Dead Actress Hopes to Study Astrophysics at MIT?
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Which The Walking Dead Actress Hopes to Study Astrophysics at MIT?

Which The Walking Dead star is way into wormholes and wants to go to MIT, but is also an artist who loves to draw, and a comic book geek into Stan Lee and Doctor Who?

That'd be the increasingly awesome Meyrick Murphy, who played Meghan Chambler on TWD Season 4. She's a lot younger than us, but we can only hope to be as cool as her someday.

Meyrick talked to The Walking Dead Forums about how she got involved in The Walking Dead, and what she wants to do with the big picture of her life.

"I’ve been interested in acting since I was in a school play in first grade. I just love it," she said. "When I got the audition for The Walking Dead, the script was buried in a giant stack of NDAs [non-disclosure agreements, aka confidentiality agreements]. It was a intimidating but I did my best and had fun. When I went to the callback I really felt connected to everyone right away. I knew I wanted to be a part of that set. Next thing I knew, I was in Meghan’s shoes — literally."

Which The Walking Dead Actress Hopes to Study Astrophysics at MIT?
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Meyrick's Twitter bio reads "Aspiring Astrophysicist, Actress, Artist, and Comic Book Geek." The forum asked if she really wants to be an astrophysicist and, if so, what draws her to that field.

"I do," she answered. "Astrophysics is just so intriguing. I am really interested in wormholes and the God particle. There are just so many mysteries in space, so many things waiting to be discovered. I really want to go to MIT. There’s just so much to learn. I believe that facts are like particles — there’s a vast world of them, each one drawing you in."

Does she believe there's intelligent life in the universe, beyond us? "I believe there is life somewhere out there, not the kind of aliens that you see in movies, but there’s probably bacteria or something similar,” she said. “As far as intelligent life, I think it might have had enough time to evolve but everything is so far away, we may never know."

This girl is, what, 10? And we're 100 percent ready to sign up for her astrophysics class, just to talk more about space and the God particle. She should probably return to TWD on Season 5 to direct an episode. Heck, put her in charge of Season 6!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: The Walking Dead Forums