The Bachelor

Which Bachelor Alum Got to Second Base As a Wee Lass?!

This is a tough one, and not just because it’s weird to think of this kid copping a feel on another little kid... If you can actually guess The Bachelor star in this photo, you win the gold star. We’ll tell you she’s from a relatively recent Bachelor season — say, in the past two years — and she’s the one who took things to a creepy-funny level when posting the throwback pic with this note: "Excuse me sir, that is my boob." Ha!

She has a great sense of humor, but we didn’t get to see too much of it on the show. She was too busy dealing with lady drama to even romance the Bachelor. She wasn't around for long, but she definitely made an impression. Think: tears ... and tampons.

Now you know, right? Click ahead to be sure…