Which American Idol Alum Ranks Highest On Billboard Charts For Top Pop Singles?
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Which American Idol Alum Ranks Highest On Billboard Charts For Top Pop Singles?

Say what you want about American Idol but there’s no denying the show’s ability to turn out stars. In fact, despite the decline in ratings over the last several seasons, the producers came out with a strong slogan focusing on this fact last season: “Others dream, Idol delivers.”

The proof is in the pudding — the pudding being the Billboard charts. Joel Whitburn, who has been publishing books that track the Billboard charts for 43 years, released his 14th edition of Top Pop Singles, and American Idol is well represented.

The alum who comes in at #1 is Kelly Clarkson, who moved up the ranks from No. 105 to No. 166. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, this puts her just below Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys, but above the Black Eyed Peas, Santana, and Johnny Cash. Talk about a good place to be!

Carrie Underwood also rose in the ranks from No. 205 to No. 150. Ranking only one below Lady Gaga, we’d have to say she’s likely quite pleased with her standing. It’s interesting to note, however, that Forbes ranked Carrie higher than Kelly as an earner in 2012.

Daughtry, led by Idol alum and frontman Chris Daughtry, made its debut on the list, ranking at No. 486.

The American Idol judges were given top billing as well, with Mariah Carey coming in at an astounding No. 5. Steven Tyler (as a member of Aerosmith) came in at No. 96. Jennifer Lopez climbed the ranks from No. 147 to No. 118. Keith Urban moved up from No. 141 to No. 157, while Paula Abdul sat at No. 168. As in the case of Chris Daughtry, Nicki Minaj made her debut on the list, ranking at No. 300. We can only imagine the popular rapper/hip-hop artist (and possible judge on The Voice?) will be climbing those ranks in no time.

Did any of these rankings surprise you? Let us know!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter