Which of Bachelorette Andi Dorfman’s Guys Are Chris Harrison’s Favorites?
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Which of Bachelorette Andi Dorfman’s Guys Are Chris Harrison’s Favorites?

While Chris Harrison is just the middleman facilitating Andi Dorfman’s love match with one of the 25 guys vying for her heart on The Bachelorette, he can’t help but form his own opinions on her suitors. After all, he is spending two months with these guys, galavanting across the country and multiple continents, so it makes sense the host would have his favorites. So which of Andi’s men can Chris see having a bromance with?

In an interview with TV Guide, the host admits he likes farmer Chris Soules, saying “he’s what this country is all about. He’s a farmer, a man of the land, extremely successful, but New Age and well put together, articulate, educated, a business man.” Awwww, we can totally see Chris donning some overalls and getting his farm on. It probably helps that Other Chris is a multi-millionaire...

The other stand out for Chris? Marquel Martin, a UFC sales coordinator, who treated Andi to a cookie tasting on night one. Chris calls him funny and claims “you can’t help but like him.” Oh we do like him, Chris. He be hot.

The host also names deceased contestant Eric Hill as a favorite saying, “I hope people will understand now why we felt like we should and had to show a lot of his moments. When you see what an impressive bright light he is, not showing that in some of the last moments caught in his life is an injustice.” Sounds like the world is missing a great guy.

Well, if neither Chris Soules or Marquel winds up with Andi, maybe they can get involved in a BFF situation with Chris Harrison as a consolation prize. Or a BF situation with us. Just sayin.

What did you think of contestants Chris and Marquel? Are they your favorites too, or do you have your eye on someone else? Tell us who in the comments.

Source: TV Guide