Which Atlanta Housewife Does Cynthia Bailey Feel a Special Connection to?
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Cynthia Bailey

Which Atlanta Housewife Does Cynthia Bailey Feel a Special Connection to?

This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, things got emotional for Cynthia Bailey, as her parenting style was challenged by her bestie, NeNe Leakes. Now Cynthia has taken to her Bravo blog to reveal that she feels a special connection to one of the other Atlanta Housewives, and it's a Small, Kandi Burruss!

Cynthia explained that her and Kandi share a bond since they both have girls.

"Kandi and I are the only women on the show with daughters, and I feel a certain connection to her because of this," Cynthia wrote.

Even though Kandi's daughter, Riley, is a few years younger than Noelle, Cynthia still feels that her and Kandi share a responsibility to teach their girls certain things that mothers of boys don't have to deal with.

"I think her daughter is about three years younger than mine, so the supervised dating subject is not a issue for her at this time," Cynthia wrote, adding, "However, I think we both agree that you have to deal with more issues when raising girls as opposed to boys. Explaining and educating a young girl about menstrual cycles and the possibility of getting pregnant is a conversation that is not necessary for a young boy."

We're not sure we agree with her last comment, as young boys should also know about the possibility of getting a girl pregnant, but we get what Cynthia's saying. Like Phaedra Parks said, moms of boys only need to worry about one ding-a-ling, while moms of girls have to worry about all the ding-a-lings!

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Source: BravoTV Blog