Credit : Wetpaint Entertainment

Guess Who?

Which Atlanta Rapper Made a Music Comeback With a Top 5 Billboard Hit? (VIDEO)

It’s pretty rough to keep up in the music biz, especially if you’re a musician who has been away from the game for some time. However, this performer was able to come back to the music scene with his end-of-year 2013 hit, and not only make it to the Billboard Top 100, but hit the No. 5 spot! Now this guy has the unofficial summer anthem on his hands, but do you know who it is?

Here’s a couple hints:

He’s no stranger to TV. This Atlanta rapper has been featured on a prominent competitive reality show, and has been spoofed by one of television's most beloved comedians. He even joined the show for a couple meta moments.

This rapper also has interests in music outside his own genre. In addition to experimenting with components of metal and rock music, he's worked with rock acts like Korn!

Still don’t know who this guy is? Here’s a final clue: He discovered one of the featured stars on our favorite reality show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta! That’s right, if weren’t for this guy, we probably wouldn’t have me the Prince of the South.

Think you’ve got it now? Click on the video above to see if you’ve got it right, and then tell us who you thought it was in the comments below!