Real Housewives of Atlanta

Which Atlanta Reality Star Dyed Her Hair Blonde? (PHOTOS)

If there's one thing the stars of this hit Atlanta reality TV show love to do, it’s change their style. The ladies of this show come with a different hairstyle almost every week, and this Atlanta mom is no exception.

The Atlanta native recently revealed that she dyed her hair a golden blonde hue, and we actually think that it works for her.

It’s not like we’ve seen this entrepreneur rock a blonde ‘do before, however. We’re more used to seeing her ex’s new leading lady rocking this hair color. But as of late her ex’s wife has been rocking a jet black mane so the ladies won’t have yet another thing to be compare… You know, like the boob fiasco at the reunion show.

We can only hope that this mama really loves her new hairstyle. Otherwise, we can look forward to many new wonderful wigs when the show returns for a new season.

Can you guess the reality TV star?