Bachelor in Paradise

Which Bachelor Nation Beauty Is Unrecognizable With Dark Hair? (PHOTO)

When we first saw this photo, we had to look twice, nay, three times before we believed it was actually a picture of the gal who claims it as herself. These days, the brunette pictured looks a whole lot different — like 18 shades of blond lighter different. Her hair’s also a bit longer now, but she is still rocking that signature middle part.

The reality star, currently moonlighting on a recent ABC summer spin-off, has been a controversial figure in the tropics, winning the affections of one of the show’s more popular menfolk but managing to alienate pretty much all the ladies of the show’s cast. Basically, her behavior alone makes us cross our fingers that ABC orchestrates a reunion show for the series so we can watch the once raven-haired beauty explain herself to her housemates.

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