Which Bachelors Did NOT Propose in the Finale?
Which Bachelors Did NOT Propose in the Finale?
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Which Bachelors Did NOT Propose in the Finale?


Juan Pablo Galavis will be wrapping up his season of The Bachelor on Monday, March 10, and we can hardly believe it. Praise be, right guys? You know, because we’re so excited it’s happening, we don’t want to cry about it being over? Glad we’re on the same page. But over the years, we’ve become pretty used to watching that emotional moment that makes us cry: when Neil Lane stops by to roll out the diamonds.

The celebrity jeweler shows off his thousands of diamonds on every finale (for the last few years, at least), letting the Bachelor pick out the one he’ll use to pop the question. But word has been a-swirling that JPG does not get engaged in the finale, and it got us thinking about the Bachelors that definitely didn’t find a fiancée in their final episode.

Just in case your “The Bachelor By The Seasons” poster is in the shop, we’ll run it down for you. In short, the last time a lead didn’t propose in the finale was Season 11, when Brad Womack not only didn’t propose, but also didn’t choose to continue dating anyone. Before that, it was pretty much the norm not to ask the girl you’d known for six or eight weeks to spend her life with you…

In fact, the show started off in that vein, with Season 1 Bachelor Alex Michel asking winner Amanda Marsh to be his gal instead of his wife. After him, Season 4’s Bob Guiney chose to date Estella Gardinier for a bit, giving her a promise ring instead of an engagement ring. (Promise what? To call in the morning?)

Jesse Palmer took the token object thing even further, giving his Season 5 girl Jessica Bowlin a plane ticket, which she accepted… at least it’s better than a rose? Charlie O'Connell had the best luck not proposing; he dated Season 7 winner Sarah Brice on and off for years after the show.

Next in the line of back-to-back-to-back strikeouts were Travis Stork and Lorenzo Borghese, telling their Season 8 and Season 9 gals that, while they were great and all... they weren’t gonna wife that.

So, will Juan Pablo propose in the finale? You’ll have to tune in to find out! Or check out our finale spoilers, if you can’t wait for Monday.

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