Dancing With The Stars

Which Beloved Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Star Is Doing DWTS Season 19?

Dancing With the Stars ;has a knack for casting stars who give us some hardcore nostalgia for our fave shows of the past. Heck, just last season we had both Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) and Candace Cameron-Bure (Full House). Seasons past have included stars from ;Saved by the Bell, ;The Brady Brunch, and more.

It turns out ;Season 19 ;is no exception. Starting September 15, one of our favorite stars from ;The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ;is going to hit the ballroom. Hint: It's not Will Smith. Yeah, we know, shocking.

So, who ;is ;it? You'll have to click on to the next slide to find out, but we will say this: This actor's character had a signature dance back that we're sure we'll see in the ballroom sometime this season.

Do you think you know who it is? Click on to the next slide to find out.