Which Bromance Should Take it to the Next Level? The Answer Is…

Previously, we asked you about your favorite super-intimate friendships between presumably-straight TV characters. Then we asked you to stop presuming things and vote on who should take the B off their bromance and have the makeout session of ;our ;their dreams. Now, the results are in!

Some things that we call "bromances" are just really positive, male friendships. But sometimes, there's a little something extra lurking under the surface.

Some of these guys, regardless of where their relationship goes, are some kind of soulmates: Troy would be nothing without Abed on ;Community, and vice-versa; Merlin and Arthur are similarly inseparable. Others have a tense relationship, which we think is caused by all that pent-up sexual energy: ;Bill and Eric on ;True Blood, ;for example. Jack and Devon pull this off in a way more self-aware way on ;30 Rock: “Keep your friends close and your enemies so close that you're almost kissing."

Who should just finally get together already? ;Click here to see the answer!