Which TV Bromances Should Be Actual Romances? (POLL)
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Which TV Bromances Should Be Actual Romances? (POLL)

Some things that we call "bromances" are just really positive, male friendships. But sometimes, there's a little something extra lurking under the surface.

Previously, we asked you about your favorite super-intimate friendships between presumably-straight TV characters. Now we just want you to stop presuming things and vote on who should take the B off their bromance and have the makeout session of our their dreams.

Some of these guys, regardless of where their relationship goes, are some kind of soulmates: Troy would be nothing without Abed on Community, and vice-versa; Merlin and Arthur are similarly inseparable. Others have a tense relationship, which we think is caused by all that pent-up sexual energy: Bill and Eric on True Blood, for example. Jack and Devon pull this off in a way more self-aware way on 30 Rock: “Keep your friends close and your enemies so close that you're almost kissing."

If there’s anything that Will and Gunnar have taught us, it’s that dreams might come true. Who do you think should finally just get together already? Which couples have you been shipping since day one?

Uh, you missed one.