Which Celeb Are You Sick of Hearing About? (POLL)
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Which Celeb Are You Sick of Hearing About? (POLL)

Of course we all love following the antics of our favorite (and least favorite!) celebs. But sometimes, things get to be a little too much.*

How many cars does Justin Bieber have to get before we stop hearing about them? How far will Amanda Bynes go before people stop encouraging her? How much do we really care about Kim Kardashian's makeover?

And oh, how sometimes the Real Housewives demand to get paid more when some of them are raking in half a million? Hearing about stuff like that as you count out your grocery budget is like some kind of torture.

Of course, everything that makes us sick of celebs are the same things we love to gawk at other times. But hey, sometimes you're just not in the mood.

So who are you not in the mood for this week? Is Miley Cyrus VMA performance still all anyone can talk about? Have Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broken up so many times that it's just straight-up boring? Has Rihanna made baring it all barely interesting? Tell us what you think!

*At Wetpaint Entertainment, we obviously continue to love and care about all these stories. But we still encourage you to vent your frustrations.

I'll never be sick of celebs!

I'm sick of all these people!