Celebrity Breakups

Which 2013 Celebrity Breakup Was the Saddest? The Results Are In!

Love comes and love goes, and for some of our favorite celebrities, it all happens very publicly. As fans, we have tons of feelings about the lost loves of our favorite folks on the big and small screen. 2013 has been especially rough, with lots of fan favorite couples splitting up. While some of them may have already moved on, we haven’t.

In a poll last week, we asked you to weigh in on the saddest splits of 2013 so far, and an overwhelming number of you were up to the task of telling us what was up. The couples in the running were Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who split in September; Kris and Bruce Jenner, who announced their separation on October 8; The Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, who broke it off in May; Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough, who broke up in March; and Michelle Williams and longtime beau Jason Segal, who ended things in February.

So, which couple was the winner — by a huge margin? Click through to find out!