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Which Celebs Are On Dating App Tinder? (VIDEO)

Everyone you know is slowly sidling up to the dating app Tinder — but what about celebrities? As it turns out, some of them actually do use the app to find their special someones, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen, for example, both have accounts, even though Lily is married. Other celebs say that while they may not have accounts, Tinder isn't out of the question. True Blood's Joe Manganiello explains: "Celebrities are busy, y'know, we don't have time to get out there in the clubs, so this could work!"

Not interested? Mariah Carey feels that. But to each their own! "If that's what's gonna make them happy, then hey. App away," she tells ET.

Of course, there's a major drawback to being famous and using Tinder: Will people believe that you're you? "A lot of celebrities have been telling us that it's really hard for them to prove to their matches that they really are who they say they are," says app creator Sean Rad. He says that they've been verifying celebs, similar to how Twitter does, after their managers and agents reach out.

So wait, could we actually meet Joe on Tinder? ET points out that they thought he had a girlfriend, but he clarifies, "Naw, I'm single!"

There you have it! It's the ultimate Tinder pitch: You may or may not be able to meet Joe Manganiello and his sweet, sweet Magic Mike abs.

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