Once Upon a Time

Which Once Upon a Time Character Is Headed to Wonderland? (PHOTO)

If there’s one thing we were excited about when we learned about Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, it was the potential for our favorite Once Upon a Time characters to appear in the spinoff. And while we’ve been obsessing over the epic romance between Alice (Sophie Lowe) and Cyrus (Peter Gadiot), we’ve been equally impressed with just how dastardly Jafar (Naveen Andrews) actually is.

But something that really excites us is that it sounds like Jafar won’t be the only big bad in Wonderland for much longer. One of our favorite villains from OUAT is going to be heading down the rabbit hole for an episode of Wonderland in March — but who is it?

Could it be the recently-deposed Rumple (Robert Carlyle) or the heartbroken Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla)? Take a guess and then click through to see if you guessed correctly!