Which Game of Thrones Characters Deserve Spinoffs?
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Game of Thrones

Which Game of Thrones Characters Deserve Spinoffs?

With the news that Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are both getting spinoffs in the near future, we were wondering what spinoffs we could hope for from another one of TV’s top dramas: Game of Thrones. Here’s our list of some shows we’d love to see.

Daenerys Targaryen in My Three Dragons. This 60s-era sitcom features the Mother of Dragons as a suburban widow trying to raise her three mischievous coming-of-age dragons on her own. We’ll see the dragons get into all kinds of harmless trouble; such as eating the neighbor’s dog, flying away with the mailman, or just burning down the neighborhood. Fun!

Sandor Clegane in Extreme Makeover: Hound Edition. Since it will take more than one episode to transform The Hound into a respectable-looking gentleman, he gets a whole series. Witness as the world’s best makeup artists attempt to cover up The Hound’s vicious burns, see him drunkenly stumble through an etiquette class, and watch out for a cameo from “little bird” Sansa Stark, as she helps uncover the sad little boy underneath The Hound’s gruff exterior. Lots of tears in this one, folks!

Cersei Lannister in The Real Housewives of Westeros. In this reality show, Cersei gets to do what she does best: Act spoiled and bitchy. She’ll try to maintain her cheekbones through plastic surgery, undermine younger women around her (oh, hey Margaery) and maybe even get into a fist fight at Christian Louboutin’s new King’s Landing boutique. All in a day’s “work”!

Ned Stark in How I Met Jon Snow’s Mother. Learn everything that happens to Ned Stark, plus intimate details of a number of his friends, as they live the single life in the big city for several years before Ned meets Jon Snow’s mother. Does Jon Snow really need to know who Robert Baratheon and Jon Arryn dated eight years prior to Ned meeting his mom? Nope, but he’s going to find out, and so will we! Good thing there’s a laugh track, we’re gonna need it.

Theon Greyjoy in Survivor: Dreadfort. In this installment of the long-running reality series, Theon has to endure flayings, castrations and vicious beatings, all for a chance at one million dollars! Unfortunately for Theon, he’s the only competitor and can’t be voted off the show. Sorry Theon, the tribe has spoken.

Tyrion Lannister in Imp My Bride. On this TLC reality show, wedding party animal Tyrion shows uptight brides-to-be how to cut loose at their receptions. Tyrion gives his brides pearls of wisdom such as: Start drinking before the ceremony, skip food (it will only result in less drinking), and, most importantly, when you think you’ve had enough — you haven’t!

What Game of Thrones spin-offs would you like to see? Sound off in the comments below!