The Voice: Which Current Coach Has the Most Grammys?
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The Voice

The Voice: Which Current Coach Has the Most Grammys?

Some people might like to tell you that awards don’t mean anything, but we’re willing to bet those people don’t have any Grammys. However, the coaches of The Voice have enough to fill an entire trophy room. One coach in particular has several more gilted gramophones than the rest, though: Season 6 coach Usher with eight, count ‘em, eight Grammys.

We recently quizzed Viggle LIVE! users on that bit of trivia, and it seems the majority were well aware of Usher’s accolades. To be fair, it’s not like he makes a point of hiding it — he even brought one of them with him to the Blind Auditions in order to entice talented artists to join his team. Seventeen percent of users guessed Adam Levine, who currently has three of the coveted awards, while only ten percent thought it was Shakira (who has two).

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Former Voice coach Cee Lo Green, with five to his name, is the closest to touching Usher, while Christina Aguilera (currently on a break from the show) has four of her own. However, the number of Grammys you have is hardly a deciding factor in the outcome of The Voice. After all, Blake Shelton, who has zero to date (whomp), has won three times!

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